Who we are

PCNix (Toronto Computer Service Centre, Inc) is a federally incorporated company that believes is changing how consumer receives their computer repair services. We are able to achieve high quality of service based on our strictest belief on providing honest work, even if it takes a few extra hours. We don’t believe in one hour express service where a technician leaves out half the screws or breaks something else while fixing the original issue – we take the time that it absolutely requires to perform repairs correctly, the first time.
Work Bench at PCNix back in 2012

The History

PCNix has been in IT management industry since 2001. In the past we serviced Winnipeg, Manitoba with same exceptional customer service driven foundation that we still empower. Nothing changed, except our office moved to Toronto and we changed our company name to PCNix – since then, we are now covering Toronto, North York, Scarborough and surrounding areas.

Work Ethics

PCNix only provides service that can withstand normal operational use. Our estimate process is clear and upfront, for example if a computer is not worth fixing, we will let our customer know. This prevents unexpected or huge bills which can later turn into disputes and ultimately bad customer experience. We also don’t offer express service unlike several other companies in Toronto. For example, proper Virus scan for removal takes three to four hours – that doesn’t include removal. The same scan can also be done in one hour but that is not why a consumer chooses to go to a professional system engineer – a friend with little computer knowledge can also do that for you, without any charge.
Alienware Repair Specialization

Why PCNix?

We are no good at pretty writing, however, we actively participate in public forum where our customers can submit publicly viewable, unbiased and un-moderated opinion about how we handle the work we do best. See our feedback page for active public places where we participate or check out list of testimonials.