Sager & Clevo Gaming Laptop Service

Clevo Service CenterSager and Clevo are some of the most configurable gaming laptops, enough that we run into unique motherboards that have to be custom re-built just for that computer. We specialize in sourcing replacement parts for these high end and rare computers when no one else can find serial number or part number. We get Sager and Clevo shipped in from all over Canada for repairs.

  • NP3132
  • NP3246
  • NP9155
  • p950HP6
  • NP8952
  • NP8950 Series
  • NP7975
  • P875HP6
  • NP7850
  • NP6850
  • NP9155
  • PA70HSG
  • NP9175
  • NP9877
  • N130WU
  • P150HM (Youtube)
  • NP8370 Series
  • N850HL
  • NP7800 Series
  • NP6872
  • N750BU
  • NP5872
  • N857HJ
  • N855HJ

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    Tech Tips:

    These powerhouses get toasty, keep the charger port clear of other items on the desk or you may risk damaging the charge port or DC Jack. If that happens, we can replace it for you.