Business Computer Repair Services

On-demand IT Support

Why hire a team of in-house personnel when you can have on-demand IT support in time of crisis? We have inventory of replacement parts, resources to obtain legacy OEM parts, experience in wide range of systems including Windows server & client operating systems and various brands. Talk to our expert about your business needs today.

Remote Support

Remote technical support can get your computers back up and running without having to wait for a technician on-site. We use state-of-the-art remote systems management tools with 256-bit encryption to ensure transmission security. Take advantage of minimal downtime caused by Microsoft Windows based system errors.

Regular Scheduled Visit

For your added convenience we have regularly scheduled visits available so you can focus on your business while a technician comes in at set time and day to perform repetitive tasks such as data backups, security updates, malware scan and removal, server maintenance or any other IT tasks your company requires.

Service Level Agreement

Our business clients enjoy quick SLA of maximum 4 business hours. Technician is typically on-site within 2 business hours in GTA. We can get your business up and running same-day with large inventory of OEM parts & combined technical know-how. Need emergency service? Ask us about reduced service level times.

Network Support

Network downtime can be devastating; troubleshooting can be time consuming unless an experienced technician is on-site. From server connectivity issues to core internet connection to wiring cuts, we can help. Advanced network diagnosis tools are used to identify and rectify root cause of issue & restore network stability.

Extended Range Support

While we primarily provide IT support within GTA, extended support is available for branch offices or remote employees in Ontario. Whether your company needs installation of new equipment, need a server or router restarted, get employees back online or restore network stability, our technicians are always here to help.

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    Help save our environment while helping ones that are less fortunate. Discarded computers can be re-vitalized and given out to charities. We offer free pick-up. Some conditions apply.

    Read more about donating your old equipment