Terms of Service

Business Terms

Toronto Computer Service Centre, Inc. (PCNix) – All computers and equipment will be accepted on an AS-IS basis. Service charges do not include failing hardware devices. Customers will be contacted via phone if additional services are required, which will be at additional cost subject to customer approval. These terms are subject to change without notice. Customer’s acceptance of full terms assumed upon work order creation. PCNix reserves the right to refuse any work order when in violation of this agreement.


Full payment will be required at the time of pick-up or on-site delivery. All services rendered including but not limited to hardware and software purchases are subject to HST. Authorized company technicians carry mobile payment devices accepting Visa and MasterCard payment along with cash, business or certified cheque. At this time we are not able to accept Personal Cheques. Late payment is subject to 3.5% monthly interest charge on all overdue accounts. All NSF cheques are subject to $25.00 NSF fee.

Refunds, Returns and Exchanges

Special order items, CPUs, Software, LCD/LED screens, CD/DVD Media, physical computer components and covers, clearance items, used items, demo items and Hard Disk Drives cannot be returned or refunded. Hardware exchanges will be honored at no charge within warranty period with invoice of original purchase. Services rendered by PCNix on equipment under warranty will be re-done at no cost to client but is subject to approval. Physical or customer induced damage, accidental or otherwise, will void warranty on hardware and services. Batteries and laptop chargers will be exchanged if defective at no charge within warranty period. Intended equipment will be needed for verification of defect to battery and adapter. All returns are subject to 20% restocking fee including but not limited to purchase in error, if not defective or other reasons. Defective, replaced and old parts (internal or external) are not returned to original client after replacement as it will void all work warranty.

Data Integrity and Recovery Disclaimer

Data back-up will be determined at the time of drop-off or when we call for estimate update. Customer can ask for certain folder to be backed up or entire hard drive. Data that needs to be backed up will have to be sorted by customer in advance if possible. Any data recovery can not be stored on our network for more than 30 calendar days. Our state-of-art equipment and software is specially designed for data recovery. PCNix offers bad disk recovery services; however, no data recovery work order is guaranteed to work. Customers accept to hold PCNix free of responsibility in case data can’t be recovered, is not found on the media or is destroyed during recovery attempts. Hardware failure with storage media is very unstable and it is recommended to make regular backups.

Agreement of Non-Disclosure

PCNix agrees to comply with non-disclosure clause of this agreement unless required by law. Company agrees not to look at, make copies of, discuss about or print client’s personal information including but not limited to documents, images and media unless required by law. Data (data recovery, data backup and data transfer) services are exempt from this term to a certain extent as data services may not be possible to carry out without access to data. PCNix employees including technicians and office assistants are covered under non-disclosure agreement. This term can be revoked if data access is needed during a work order or for testing and completion of a particular job i.e. testing internal components such as speakers, microphone and webcam require access to your operating system. We will attempt to notify customer of such actions – if we get in contact, you will be given the choice whether the company can access data or not. If we can’t reach owner of a computer, we assume right to access in order to finish the job on time. We may be required to remove or bypass internal operating system security features like password in order to complete repairs.

Warranty on Spyware, Malware and Virus Services

Spyware, Malware and Virus removal services are not guaranteed as it is user dependant, such as opening an infected e-mail message can affect a computer again. Our technicians will ensure proper protection is provided on every service call or work order but infections of this nature depend on usage habits. PCNix may, at its own discretion apply infection removal service without charge for up to 30 days after services are initially rendered.

In-home and On-Site Service (Service Call)

PCNix provides full support service in a client’s home or office location. Customers agree to all terms and conditions on this document upon acceptance of services. Our technicians are allowed to accept optional tip on services rendered with no minimum amount, however, technicians cannot ask for tip. All technicians are required to wear proper name tag or ID badge clearly visible and always present a business card with their first and last name printed clearly along with contact information. Our technicians can’t offer any non-computer related services. All technicians and/or other staff members need to be treated with same respect client would expect for themselves. Staff members have the right to decline a work order if deemed to be in violation of these terms in any way.

Pick-up and Delivery

Technicians are required to wear name tag or ID badge clearly visible upon entry and always present a business card with first and last name in print along with contact information. As per service agreement, technicians are required to have proper carrying equipment appropriately sized for the device being picked up or delivered. Our pick-up and delivery staff can’t offer any services not related to the work order. All technicians and/or other staff members need to be treated with same respect client would expect for themselves. Staff members have the right to decline a pick-up if deemed to be in violation of these terms in any way.

Failure to pick-up (Abandoned Computers)

Clients have maximum of thirty (30) calendar days to pick-up their equipment from the time of first notification of completion of services. Notification can be made either via e-mail message or telephone call. PCNix will not send letter mail or a staff member to customer’s address. We are unable to accept SMS messages, Twitter messages, Facebook messages or any other way of contact as means of notification. Unless prior agreement has been made between client and PCNix, equipment will be recycled or otherwise considered company’s property and sold to claim service fee after all attempts of notifying customer have failed for up to thirty (30) calendar days from work order completion. Once custom parts are ordered computer becomes a collateral until amount owing is recovered from the client or by selling equipment to recover cost of custom parts.

Remote Technical Support

PCNix provides remote support only with customer’s consent. Our Primary Remote Support Application will only allow company’s authorized technician to access your computer while Backup Remote Support Application can allow access with an authorization code provided by the client. Either applications are created specifically for remote support and are installed on customer’s computer with full disclosure and consent. Our remote sessions are always minimum 128-bit encrypted for security and privacy, however, due to the nature of remote support, PCNix will be free from responsibility in case of information transferred from your computer to a third party computer. For example, if you have spyware that’s tracking your online activities, because that program resides on your computer it is possible for that system to know about our remote support session. Once we have completed all remote maintenance, customer will be given the option to completely and permanently disable remote support capabilities (excludes Business Service Plan clients) until re-activated by the customer. This way, even company’s authorized technician will not be able to access your computer without your prior consent. PCNix does not share any information and any passwords used for remote session are stored temporarily for the session and then permanently destroyed. Our technicians have in-depth training and knowledge; please contact us for any questions regarding safety and privacy in a remote session.

Workmanship Warranty

We provide full warranty based on the hardware being replaced and software work orders completed. Technician’s work will be performed to manufacturer’s or developer’s specification and any defect found in workmanship will be repaired or replaced within warranty period stated on the work order or the final invoice.

Software Purchase, Licensing and Installation

All software installation requests need to accompany proper license which is customer’s responsibility. If there is no license, a retail copy of the application can be purchased through PCNix at additional cost. Software that are available free of charge like spyware monitoring applications will be installed and left intact on the computers, unless otherwise removal is requested. Any software that are not available free of charge will not be provided with the service charge but can be purchased at the time of work order estimate through PCNix. Microsoft Windows product is required when re-installing operating system; a retail copy will be available at additional charge if needed.

Equipment Recycle

Any computers, components or other equipment brought in for recycling is deemed as final transaction and cannot be returned to the customer. Computer components that contain information including but not limited to Hard Disk Drives, DVD Drives and USB Sticks destined for recycling can ONLY be obtained at the time of pick-up or pre-arranged for deliveries without any additional charge. Any time after service is complete components will be recycled without possibility of return. PCNix is responsible to completely wiping any media device that is in condition to be wiped. Any devices that fail to power-up may not be wiped before recycling. Old defective parts are recycled at the time of equipment pick-up.

Business Service Plan Cancellation

Business Service Plan agreements are subject to cancellation fee of $50 per month for remaining months left in the agreement. Cancellation fee is waived for business moving out of coverage area. Cancellation fee cannot be waived for businesses opening a branch office that is outside of service coverage area or if a branch office is still operating within service coverage area.