Data Recovery Services

Data recovery

Failed hardware can be frustrating to fix but what’s more frustrating is the data on your hard drive. We have state-of-art software and hardware combination allowing us to professionally extract data like documents, photos, videos from a hard drive or a computer system that is failing because of hardware malfunction. Rates for data recovery vary depending on complexity of the project and time utilization. We will not charge anything if data recovery fails.

Data backup service

Backing up your data is most important because in the event of hardware failure, at times there may be nothing left to recover. With full data backup service, we can transfer your data to DVDs or your own portable hard drive securely with secure integrity verification. Our process ensures all data is transferred and no files are left behind – anything not recovered is included in a report provided by technician. Operating system re-installation may require data backup or recovery service.

Recovering data from SSD

As with any recovery service, there is no guarantee that data will be successfully extracted – Solid State Drives make it more difficult to retrieve files because the type of drive has non-volatile memory chips. If those chips took damage, there may not be any data to recover.

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    Different incidents that lead to data disaster

    Issues arise for various reasons ranging from unresponsive hard drives to physical damage. Laptop storage media is most prone to damage since it’s a mobile device. Moving a computer while it’s powered on can cause data reading heads to collide with disc spinning at extremely high-speed. Discs also deteriorate by age and heads can go out of alignment causing read failures. Some other common scenarios are;