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Common reasons for LCD issues

Screen is dim: Likely cause of the problem is either a power inverter or the backlight CCFL bulb. In most cases, this type of issue is resolved without replacing the entire unit.

Small crack in the corner: Small cracks on most screens will spread fast due to movement of screen. In most cases a cracked screen has to be replaced.

Screen lights up then goes dim: This scenario typically indicates defective back-light and in many cases can be repaired without replacement.

Screen looks fine but picture is cracked: Inducing damaged from top of the computer, e.g. sitting down while laptop is in backpack, can cause damage from behind the monitor and is no different than a cracked screen. Typically this issue leads to replacement of screen.

Display shows red, yellow, pink or blue tint: Most typically color tinting relates to backlight on non-LED CCFL type LCDs being burnt out, however in rare cases it can also be related to defective PCB board. Repair is possible in most cases.

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Why should you go for complete solution when you can replace the screen yourself?
Potential clients ask us daily to sell the screen only because they prefer installing this component by themselves – and we reluctantly sell LCD on its own because of potential hazards involved. For instance, if a technician cracks the new display while installing it in your computer, it’s our cost and you likely won’t even know about it. However, if an end-user buys a screen and induces damage while installing, you’d have to buy another display. In fact, we have seen other very common issues arising from end-user service – for example, if you forget to remove battery and other power sources while unplugging BGA connector you will likely damage your main board causing, at best, a blown fuse and a burnt display. This can lead to increased cost of repairs and can potentially damage the laptop beyond repair. Consider this when attempting self-serve route – it may not be worth saving a few dollars.

Bare LED screen - no protection, incorrect handling can inflict damage