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Alienware Service CenterAlienware are heavy and beautiful. Our technicians mostly note the weight of these computers. We have repaired a few high-end machines at PCNix benches and have always had to learn a few new tricks to tackle the problem at hand. Alienware laptop repair jobs are notably the toughest due to extremely complex design and poor reparability. These notebooks mostly have their dedicated video cards, usually dual heatsink and ventilation systems are found making them trickier to disassemble. Bottom line, these machines itch our scratch for high-end performance computers and we’re always happy to have more models to work on. Below is the list of some of Alienware we have had our hands on. There are no significant issues with build quality. For Alienware Laptops in business sector check Managed IT Service Toronto at OnyxCloud.

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See us brag about the models that we have successfully repaired on our worn out benches. List is in no particular order.

  • M17x
  • The Aurora R1 960
  • Area-51
  • M15x (DC Power jack replacement video)
  • ALX (R1) 965 Extreme
  • M14x
  • 17 R4 GTX1070
  • 15 R3 GTX1060
  • 13 R3 GTX1060 VR Ready
  • 15 R2 NV970
  • 17 R3
  • 18 7LSCXY1 18.4″
  • ASM100 Steam Machine
  • M14X R3
  • M13X R2

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